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Taiwan Longan Drink
  • Taiwan Longan Drink
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Suitable for: frequent insomnia, lethargy, lack of focus, soothes stress and tension.

Benefits of Longan Tea:

a) Calming effect: Longan have a calming effect on the nervous system, mildly treats insomnia and other neurosis symptoms.
b) Qi enhancing properties: Improves internal vital energy. Rich in glucose, sucrose, vitamin B & C. Invigorates the heart and spleen and nourishes the blood.
c) Drink longan or almond tea between 9.00 – 11.00am to enhance memory and concentration power.

适用对象: 失眠健忘、改善神经衰弱、注意力不集中、纾解压力和紧张的工作人士。


a) 安定神经、可改善神经衰弱、思虑过度、情绪不稳定、失眠健忘、注意力不集中、体弱或脑力衰退的症状。
b) 丰富的葡萄糖和多种维生素,对人体有滋阴补肾,补中益气,改善虚寒体质,气血不足,达到丰胸补血的效用
e) 最佳饮用时间:上午09:00~11:00 学习精华期,喝桂圆茶或杏仁茶提高注意力及记忆力最佳时段。

Product Code: 00005517

Net Weight: 130g

Shelf Life: 18 months