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Organic Trio Quinoa
  • Organic Trio Quinoa
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Quinoa an ancient grain. Delicious and easy to prepare.

Quinoa comes in three main varieties: red, black and white. Of these, white quinoa, or regular quinoa, is the most familiar. All three are similar in nutritional content. As all varieties of quinoa produce the same nutty grain texture when cooked, choosing the variety of quinoa often depends on personal preference and availability. Both red and regular quinoa are high in protein and fiber.

While both red and white quinoa are a good source of vitamins B-9, B-1 and B-6 as well as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, red quinoa provides a better source of riboflavin.

Item Code: 00004502
Net Volume: 500g
Product Origin: South America

| Gluten Free |
| Non-GMO | No artificial chemicals |
| No Pesticides | No colourings | 
| No Herbicides | Non-Irradiated |
| Minimally-Processed |
| Ecologically-Friendly |