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Organic Papaya Powder - Sachets
  • Organic Papaya Powder - Sachets
Organic Papaya Powder - Sachets - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Each unit is made from 32-35 organic green papayas to give you the best from nature! The Papaya is enriched with protein, minerals, amino acids, carotenes, vitamin C, B-vitamins, etc. Most notably, papaya contains a unique ingredient: Papain, a digestive enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of proteins.

Certified organic by NASAA, USDA, NCO. HACCP & Food GMP.

Main benefits of Papaya Enzyme:

Dissolves fat

Breaks down protein

Antiseptic & Anti-inflammation

Promotes blood circulation & removes blood stasis

Encourages digestion & absorption

Improves metabolism

Symptoms of enzymes deficiency:
Fatigue, Susceptible to Flu, Poor Eyesight Skin problems such as acne & Freckles, Hair Loss, Indigestion, Fart Frequently, Constipation & Smelly Feces, Depression, Loss of Concentration, Nervousness & Impatience

Functions of Enzymes:
Body Friendly, Breakdown Calories, Carbohydrates & Protein, Detoxify the Blood, Revitalize the Cell, Replenish Nutrient, Strengthen Immunity, Anti-bacterial & Anti-inflammation
体内环保、 分解作用、净化血液、活化细胞、补助营养、抗菌消炎

Usage Tips: Add 1 teaspoon to 120ml of room temperature water and drink 5 minutes before meals. You can also add it into smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, juice, cereal, ice cream and more. (To retain enzymatic activity, avoid mixing with hot water).

Item Code: 00002324
Ingredient: Organic Green Papayas
Net Weight: 75g (bottle)
Shelf Life: 16 months
| Certified organic | No chemicals|
| No preservatives | No artificial colouring |