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Himalaya Rock Salt
  • Himalaya Rock Salt
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Himalayan Salt:  This is one of the purest salt that is as old as the earth. It may cost a little more than all the other salts but really worth the price for its many health benefits.

Like the Celtic Sea Salt, the Himalayan Salt contains all of the beneficial live elements from the earth. They are rich in trace minerals, and by trace minerals, it means that our bodies need only small amounts of them. Using only a small amount of this precious salt daily is sufficient to provide what our body needs.

Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Table “salt” is manufactured by taking natural salt (such as crude oil flake leftovers) and heating it to 1200° Fahrenheit. Table salt is heavily processed in excessive heat that removes 82 out of the 84 minerals in salt, leaving behind only sodium and chloride. During this extreme process, the chemical composition is completely altered and all of the nutritional benefits are destroyed. Ultimately, this processed “fake” salt puts people at risk of developing cardiovascular events and chronic disease because of elevated blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

Item Code: 00001123
Shelf Life: Approx 18 months
Ingredients: 100% Himalaya Rock Salt 
Net Volume: 400g
Natural Trace Minerals, 100 Million Year
Low Sodium, No Free Radicals in Sodium
Natural Free Flowing, Natural Iodine