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DG Black Fungus Capsule
  • DG Black Fungus Capsule
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The black fungus capsule contains extract from very high quality black fungus. Effects include moistening our digestive tract, nourishing the blood, kidney, liver and lungs. It can also help to calm our nerves and improve eyesight. Polysaccharides from the essence of black fungus will help our body resist the growth of tumours.

While black fungus is known for its collagen content and blood-cleansing properties, its collagen cannot be simply extracted without a tedious 2-hour cooking and stirring process (not even eating black fungus itself!). With the black fungus capsules, essence extracted from the highest quality black fungus are refined into vegetarian capsules for your convenient consumption.

Black fungus helps to increase vitality and nourish the blood, kidney, liver and lungs. Users have experienced improvements in joint agility and relieve of joint aches & stiffness after 1 month of daily consumption.

Just 2-3 capsules each time; twice a day and you will be on your way to better joints and improved blood regulation!

Due to anti-blood clotting properties: Pause consumption minimum 1 week before or after surgery.


有些食用者连续服用一个月后,有得到关节灵活性的改进和疼痛僵硬的缓解。每次只需2-3粒; 一天2次!


Item Code: 00006255
Ingredients: Wood Ear Powder and Vegetarian Capsule
Net Weight: 250g
150 capsules per bottle
Shelf Life: 3 years
 | Low calories | No additives |
| No preservatives | No artificial colouring |
| No artificial sweeteners |